Thursday, 18 December 2014

black&white kid's rooms

Chrismas mood in home of photographer and stylist Elisabeth Heier
white tent for kids
I love you to the moon white pillow
teener room in black&white

One of the strongest trends in kids deco past year was the black&white interior
I wonder how long it will stay around…and what will be next.

I think black&white kid's rooms can be very playful when we mix different patterns and textures. I collected few examples for you to see how nice we can play with accessories. The base is most of the time white ( walls, furniture) which keeps the organised and fresh look of the room and then all special elements will stand out. Popular graphic patterns are : stripes , half-moon, cross, dots, clouds, trees and then also a text on textile or wall poster. We can also add a bit of grey and it will all stay in the same monochromatic atmosphere and give calm and quiet effect. 

Below you can see a room with a very nice black bunk bed. It was custom made by a Dutch architect’s studio ateliers197. The most important for the architect it was to create as much storage space as possible, so important in kids’ rooms. You can see more pictures from the house here: woonhuis delft

modern black&white minimalistic playroom for kids
build bunk bed from ateliers197
build bunk bed from ateliers197
photo credit’s 1/2/3/4/ - 5/6/7

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Tree

christmas tree poster bastisrike photoghtaphy studiooink
poster bastisrike photoghtaphy studiooink
christmas tree poster bastisrike photoghtaphy studiooink
christmas tree poster bastisrike photoghtaphy studiooink

These pictures made by studiooink for bastisrike 
are at the moment my favourite for the coming Christmas days 2014. 
The simplicity and quietness I wish to find in this time of the year.

We got our Christmas tree last weekend and it’s far from simplicity shown of the photo’s….we keep traditional white, natural and red accents. I think, for my sons, the presents which will go under the tree are more important than actual look of the tree. They like all the glitter and lights around the house for sure.  Without kids I would probably go much more easy and simple way.  Getting just a poster with the picture of the Christmas tree might be a bit to far, since I love the smell of the natural tree at home…but for the minimal style home deco this is a great and very original option. 

It’s only 9 days left….

christmas tree poster bastisrike photoghtaphy studiooink

Friday, 12 December 2014

Instagram find - Chloeuberkid

Instagram - Chloeuberkid
rafa-kids r toddler bed - Chloeuberkid - Instagram photo
Chloeuberkid - Instagram photo

Are you already on Instagram?  I have feeling that this social media channel starts to be more important than any other at the moment. I changed my personal Instagram account to Rafa-kids and it feels now much better, since I’m not a person who easily shows pictures from my private life. It looks like Instagram is also a great place for brands and stores and we can find designers, stylists and photographers whose work we admire. Of course there is plenty of personal accounts too. One of my favourite mum on Instagram is stylish Chloe from England.  She is a mum of four kids who manages to create very cheerful, full of humour and style IG place : Chloeuberkid . Thank you Chloe for making me smile, each time I look at your lovely family. 

Instagram - Chloeuberkid
Instagram - Chloeuberkid

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

love warriors for winter ’14

love warriors for winter ’14  photograph Hannah Lemholt
love warriors 2015 calendar photograph Hannah Lemholt
love warriors winter 2014 photography Hannah Lemholt

Did you invite the Christmas spirit to your house already? I didn’t even started yet. 
If you don’t know the Swedish store “love warriors” yet, I think it’s about the time to step by and find some magic inspirations for the coming festive days. It’s so much more than just a store. Love Warriors will by happy to help you out with interior design, public and private “love nests” like they called themselves. The designer Sara N Bergman is taking care of all the paint and hand, heart work. Photographer Hannah Lemholt shoots their collections of mix treasuries, found all over the world, put together with unique products designed by the Love Warriors. I don’t know any other place made which such a love and care for products and also open for collaboration with unique artists. Let the magic begin…..

love warriors winter 2014 photography Hannah Lemholt
love warriors winter 2014 photography Hannah Lemholt

Sunday, 7 December 2014

working at home - K DESK in black

Black K desk and X stool by Rafa-kids photo Paulina Arcklin

About 20 years ago, I was enjoying my high school time without IPhone, IPad and not even an internet connection….I remember how shocking was to read  Alvin Toffler “ The Third Wave “ book . He was writhing about next generation and how people will work more and more from home, in their own environment. Now it doesn’t even feel so exiting or special. We can connect with whole world via our laptops….. and the line between work and living environment is sometimes very blurry. 

Do you like this working space created at home of a stylist/photographer Paulina Arcklin
Many months ago I was showing Paulina a little model of Rafa-kids’ K desk and her first reaction was, that’s this furniture is not only for kids. I could not agreed more! Since then I hoped she could make pictures of our K desk and see it through her own eyes. Rafa-kids’ sophisticated simplicity design and a touch of cosy scandinavian vibe for the coming winter. 

Black K desk and X stool  by Rafa-kids photo Paulina Arcklin
black&white working space K desk by Rafa-kids photo Paulina Arcklin
working at home - black desk and X stool by Rafa-kids photo Paulina Arcklin
Black K desk by Rafa-kids - photo Paulina Arcklin

Monday, 1 December 2014

welcome December

Kerstboom van de Belgische ontwerper Xavier Lust
Christmas tree from Delvaux
Kerstboom van mode-ontwerper Marc-Philippe Coudeyre

I can’t believe it’s already December and the year 2014 is about to finish soon.
 I still need some time, much more time…

I’m not a winter person , which can sit still and relax under a warm blanket…so my “ take it slow ” sign out here, has to remind me, that I should accully stop and appreciate all this months of hard working behind us.  December is very busy month at Rafa-kids, and last year we were totally into Christmas fever trying to send all orders on time and make all customers satisfied, but I wish we could take it a bit slow this time….I don’t know yet, how , but I will find out…..

take it slow this Christmas
wool blanket sheep from Rafa-kids collection
pictures: 1/2/3 - 4/5 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

keep it simple

I hope the weekend treats you well.
I had very stressful week so I’m looking so much for some soft and calm mood,
or at least a nice pillow to put my tired head on….

Please welcome in Rafa-kids' collection beautiful linen - duvet covers and pillows.
I selected 4  plain colours - white, grey, soft pink and blue…
which are a perfect basic to play with in any home deco. 
The quality, softness and beautiful texture is a perfect match with Rafa-kids' beds.

from Rafa-kids' collection : 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

STUDIO WM - porcelain black lamp

STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard
STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard
STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard

Two years ago I showed on my blog work of STUDIO WM, remember ? :
STUDIO WM is based in Rotterdam  and they are on my “ follow “ list since then. Even if they developed a number of new products the black porcelain lamp is my favourite. This amazing loft apartment is design by studio karhard® with Kathrin Klock and photographed by Stefan Wolf Lucks.... and it’s not only about the lamp…but all the design pieces set together in this amazing space. I have to tell you, that I have a house envy and I’m looking for a new home for our family…it will take months, but I’m so much ready for a change. 

design duo WM STUDIO
STUDIO WM Dining Chair and Easy Chair for MENU
STUDIO WM Dining Chair and Easy Chair for MENU

Friday, 21 November 2014

LEGO brick storage box

LEGO storage Bricks
LEGO storage Bricks

My husband brought a bunch of a new storage boxes for our LEGO lovers boys. Yes, a LEGO storage Bricks ! and you have to believe me, I haven’t seen any so stylish and well made boxes for a long time! I think they will survive a life time. My toddler is over the moon and play with them all the time.  We have selected basic colours : grey, white, black and two tones of blue. They occupy our living room since few days and I really do not mind. I hope that during this weekend my 3 boys, are going to sort out all the lego collection, and put them into this great storage boxes. Pictures are coming!  

LEGO storage boxes for children room
LEGO storage BRICK
LEGO storage
LEGO storage boxes for working space

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

NEW for toddler’s room at Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids’ collection of bedding, blankets, pillows and baskets for a child’s room is growing this season. Since we have our own design beds and desk and make pictures of them in our studio I was always in a hunt for products to use in a photo session.   This time I have the comfort to play with our new little collection of home deco accessories…and it’s feels like a good start.

I like Ferm Living’s products since a long time and I think they are one of the best kid’s brands on the market at the moment. Now we have in our collection two new bedding sets for toddlers: bedding with triangles grey and bedding with triangles rose and little bear kite. Many parents buy our R toddler bed for kinds younger that 3, and then they ask us for a perfect bed dumper for their child. We think this soft pillow snake can be a wonderful option. What’s more? A simple yet stylish baskets to store all of the kids’ toys! ….and there is more coming…..

Get the look : 

toddler room inspiration from Rafa-kids